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Greta the Grape's very first ride with the wooden train. An exciting event, since she has never been traveling by her own before.

Looking for her seat, Greta meets other passengers and has various conversations with them.

Explore the train, engage with the other fruits and get to your seat to have a nice and comfy travel.

Switch Cursors with rightclick. Arrow-Cursor for walking, Mouth-Cursor for talking. Dialog options can be chosen with keyboard numbers. 

Note: There's a small bug that you can only use the buttons on the start screen with the mouth-cursor.

Install instructions

Some anti-virus software might alarm you that this is a trojan virus. We checked with bitdefender, F-Secure and ESET Scanners and couldn't find anything.


Greta The Grape 1.1 14 MB
Greta The Grape 1.0 51 MB

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